Best Smart Locks that Support Amazon Alexa

Connectivity of your locks with Amazon Alexa allows you to open your doors from the luxury of your couch. Gone are the days when you would struggle with keys to open doors for your guests. With smart locks you can continue watching your favorite movie or making dinner while Alexa does the opening of the door for you. Choosing the right smart lock is not that easy as you have to deal with the question of compatibility. We have done the research for you and here is our list of top Best smart locks that work with Amazon Alexa.

Best smart locks that support Amazon Alexa – Comparison table

Best smart locks that support Amazon Alexa
Best for
Battery life
Check on Amazon
4 AA batteries 1.5 volts
4 AA batteries (estimated 1yr)
Alkaline batteries
AA batteries
4 AA batteries required
Alkaline batteries

Review of the Best smart locks that support Amazon Alexa

August Smart Lock – Best Overall Smart lock

This keyless lock works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Home Away Simplisafe among others. With the lock you can track who comes through your door as well as give you keyless entry to your house. The Smart lock comes in a silver stylish design that will compliment most of your house décor.

The August smart lock integrates with most existing deadbolts and this allows the door to open automatically when you approach it with your smartphone. The lock has a 24/7 activity feed that allows you to grant keyless entry to whoever you wish. When the batteries are low the lock will communicate this to you via Alexa. You can grant access to people for minutes, hours, days or weeks. The lock closes automatically as you leave the house.

The smart lock is upgraded with DoorSense feature that has special sensors that tell you when the door is open. You get alerts for this on your mobile phone. The doors auto-lock feature leverages on your phones location to open the door for you when you are close to your house. Some of the cool features can only be accessed via the mobile app. On the downside, the lock requires a Wi-Fi bridge for remote access and it does not have an alarm feature to alert you whenever intruders try to mess up with the door bolts.

What we liked:

  • Stylish design that completes home décor
  • With DoorSense you know when the door is closed securely
  • 24/7 activity feed
  • You can grant your visitors access for various durations
  • Available with Wi-Fi bridge

What we did not like:

  • You require a bridge for it to work with Alexa


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Yale Assure lock Touchscreen – Best for Multiple PINs

The Yale lock allows for keyless entry via a code system on the lock’s backlit keypad. If you add the lock to a compatible Z-wave smart home system them you can lock and unlock your door from anywhere. You can also connect to Amazon Alexa via compatible hub that is sold separately.

Installation of the Yale assure lock is simple and will take you a few minutes without necessarily drilling any holes. Incase the smart lock runs out batteries you have 2 physical keys provided for backup. The Yale lock can remember up to 250 unique PINs and this enables you to grant access to your guests. In case your lock is compromised you can lock every code you had saved on the lock.

The lock is weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about it being ruined by water. The lock automatically locks behind you and this gives you the assurance that your door is secure. You can create unique codes for people you trust and delete the same whenever you want. The Yale Assure is compatible with various security systems like, SmartThings, ADT, Honeywell, Wink among many more.

What we liked:

  • Ability to store up to 250 unique codes
  • Compatible with a number of security systems
  • Two physical keys that act as backup
  • Easy to install

What we did not like:

  • Requires a separate hub to access Alexa


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Schlage Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt – Best for multiple Guests

The Schlage Camelot smart lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa and you can use the app to control entry to your door. The app also allows you to disable the voice unlock feature. When activated you will need to set a PIN which Alexa may request. In case, you enter the wrong PIN four times then the door stays locks until you open it manually or via the app.

The Schlage comes equipped with a built-in alarm system that goes on whenever someone tries to force the door open. The mobile app allows you to add/remove up to 30 guests. You can select your guests, assign them a PIN and share it with them via email, text or message. This eliminates the need for guests to download the app on the smartphones. In case, you lose your phone, or the smart lock runs out of batteries you can use the key to open the door manually. Schlage door lock is also compatible with Google assistant.

The touchscreen uses a special fingerprint-resistant feature so that thieves can’t access your PIN after keying it in. When you combine the lock with Amazon key service you are able to lock/unlock your door from anywhere and if you are subscribed to be a prime member can even opt for home deliveries. The app allows for live view with clips of who has gone in and out of your house. The lock can also work with Zigbee home automation systems. The deadbolt is easy to install with only a screwdriver.

What we liked:

  • Easy to access with phone and app
  • Matte touchscreen eliminates fingerprints
  • Compatible with Amazon key and Zigbee
  • Easy to install with screwdriver

What we did not like:

  • Quite expensive when compared with other locks


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Lockly Secure Pro – Best fingerprint reader

For this smart lock the mode of unlocking the door is via your finger. This is because the lock is equipped with a 3D fingerprint sensor that also stores up to 99 unique fingerprints. This means you can add some of your guests to your secure home.

The Lockly secure pro also comes with an innovative technology called the PEEK Proof digital keypad. Here the lock mechanism shuffle number locations so that people may not be able to guess your personal PIN even though they could be watching you. The lock comes with a Wi-Fi hub and this gives you ability to lock/unlock your home from the convenience of your Android/iOS phone. You also get two back up physical keys for backup should batteries run out.

With the Secure Link Wi-Fi hub you get access to history of people who have coming in and gone out of the house from the convenience of your phone. You can also grant specific time access to your guests via the digital ekeys or issuing codes. This will allow your guests to gain entry into the house with their mobile phone. Installation of the Lockly Secure Pro is easy and takes you less than 15 minutes to install.

On the downside the locking mechanism does not come cheap, it is one of the pricier locks we have reviewed. It is also a bit challenging viewing the numbers under direct sunlight. The touchscreen also smudges easily.

What we did like:

  • Fingerprint reader
  • Peek proof digital keypad that shuffles numbers
  • Wi-Fi hub included
  • Stores access history

What we did not like:

  • Numbers may not be visible under direct sunlight


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Kwikset Obsidian Slim Modern electronic touchscreen – Best Stylish design

The Kwikset lock comes in a stylish modern design with a glass like surface. It allows for keyless entry of your home via access codes and eliminates the need to carry keys. For your guests you can customize up to 16 user codes and create your own master code for added security. The screen is protected to prevent code detection.

The lock is compatible with Amazon Alexa and this means you can talk to Alexa to lock/unlock your door. The lock also comes with an alarm that goes off whenever someone tries to tamper with the lock. With the lock’s z-wave capabilities the lock is able to work with other smart hubs like Control4, SmartThings, Savant, and Crestron. For the smart options you will need a hub for it.

What we liked:

  • Stylish design
  • Secure screen to protect fingerprint and code detection
  • Backup power source
  • Assign user codes to guests

What we did not like:

  • Requires hub for smart options


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Schlage Encode Deadbolt – Best for Amazon key

The smart lock comes with built-in Wi-Fi that allows you to wirelessly lock/unlock the door from anywhere. When paired with the Amazon key app then you are capable of assigning and managing up to 100 access codes which you can give to family and friends. You can decide whether this codes are for temporary or permanent access. The lock works with Alexa and so you do get information on when your battery is running low or when someone opened your door.

The door lock comes with finger-resistant touchscreens that are more secure. With voice commands you are assured of hands-free entry to the house. The system comes with a built-in alarm that goes off in cases of security breaches and you get a low battery indicator when in need of battery replacement. The door is easy to install via a screwdriver.

The door lock is available in four traditional colors chrome, bronze, nickel and matte black. You can pair the lock with Amazon key program so that in case you have connected cameras you can see who is coming and going into your home.

What we liked:

  • Availability in multiple colors
  • Smudge free keypad
  • Does not require a hub
  • Works with Amazon key
  • Available in a bundle with Echo dot

What we did not like:

  • Does not come with an auto-locking feature


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Buying Guide for smart locks that support Amazon Alexa

Factors to consider when purchasing Smart locks

Since you lock/unlock your door daily, carrying keys can be quite inconveniencing. They are noisy and the risk of losing them is quite high. Secondly, if you have multiple locks this means carrying a bunch of keys that are quite bulky. The other option is the smart way through smart locks. This locks allow for voice activated commands to gain entry into the house. You can use an app to monitor who comes and goes into the house while having the ability to assign codes to your guests. Here are some key things to consider when you are getting yourself a smart lock.


Most smart locks are certified by various organizations like the American Standards Institute (ANSI) or the Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association (BHMA). These organizations certify locks based on the security abilities they carry. The key locks are graded with the highest Grade 1 being for locks that meet certain commercial security features. You have grade 2 which is the designation for most residential locks and the lowest Grade 3 for least expensive and non-high security considerations. The BHMA also grades locks from A to C. When choosing a smart lock you should identify one that suits your security needs.

Door commands

Smart locks can be opened in a variety of ways including biometrics, passwords, cylinder key or RF card. The most secure locks come with four-way access. You also have modern locks that can be locked/unlocked through Amazon Alexa voice. The locks will come integrated with Bluetooth capabilities so that they can automatically unlock/lock the door for you when they sense your phone is near. When searching for technology upgrades look for a lock that supports Z-wave technology or Zigbee. Those locks with z-wave technology allow for integration of the lock with your home security systems. This allows you to monitor your door locks from virtually anywhere. You can even connect to your house cameras and see who comes in and out.

Auto-lock feature

This feature allows the door to automatically lock/unlock itself when you are within the prescribed distance. Most of the time the prescribed distance is usually 30 feet. However, most of the smart locks with key pads may not have this feature to prevent an intruder from accessing the house the moment you unlock it.

Battery life

These locks do use batteries for operation and you need to check how much battery power if offered. With smart features you are capable of knowing how much battery life is remaining and use your emergency backup. Some smart locks will come with a key hole so that you can use a physical key in case of battery problems or when the smart lock develops issues. Most of the locks will operate from either rechargeable lithium-ion cell or AA alkaline batteries. The doors may also have a mounted LED light that will flash red whenever you are experiencing low battery power. When purchasing a smart lock you will notice that most of the locks battery life is rated based on cycles. This is the total number of locking and unlocking that the lock will hold. This translate from anything from three months to one year.

Customized access

The number of allowable codes varies from model to model. You should put this into consideration when you are factoring how many people are going to be using the lock. You should also be able to create customized codes for other people who are going to be accessing your house; this could be your children or the gardener. You can also customize the codes so that they operate during specific time periods then expire. This could be hours, days or months. The code becomes inactive outside this hours. The locks can also send you a short message via txt or email to tell you when the codes where used. This is a feature that may come in handy when you are monitoring your household staff or it can inform you when the kids come home from school.


The alarm feature comes in handy when someone tries to tamper with the locks. This are security alerts that are activated when the door is left open or someone tries to interfere with the locking mechanism. The alarm will vary for locks with some sounding for a few seconds then going off or some turning themselves into ultra-sensitive mode after the activation of the first alarm.

Weatherproof rating

Smart locks are quite sensitive with their codes and fingerprints systems. This makes it very easy for them to be destroyed during harsh weather conditions. This means you should check out locks that are dust and waterproof. You should also identify one that is also fingerprint resistant meaning it does not leave prints whenever you enter them. The locks should also come with the kind of finishing the complements the rest of your house décor. Some of the top door locks makers include Yale and Schlage. These door manufacturers offer a wide variety of door finishes and trims that ooze with class.


In our review of best smart locks that support Amazon Alexa our top pick is the August smart lock. The lock stood out for its minimalistic design, ability to connect to Wi-Fi bridge and integration with various apps like Google assistant and Amazon Alexa. The lock also allows users to grant access to their guests for a limited period and monitor who goes in/out of the house.


How long does the battery last for smart locks?

Most use AA batteries that have a lifespan of almost one year or less

Do smart locks come with cameras?

They do not, but you can connect them to existing video cams in your home

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