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Smart locks can easily integrate with any door, they obliterate the unnecessary hassle of carrying and looking for keys and will provide you with notifications when your door is closed or opened.

The level bolt invisible smart lock must not be necessarily placed next to a glass window for fear of not opening, as it can be opened in countless ways. And even better is that it comes with the most reliable backup a plain old key. The modern-day smart locks are costly both to maintain and install. For example, to operate the level bolt invisible smart lock, you must have a smartphone, and you will also have to pay for batteries but all with good cause, as you will be provided with real-time notifications of the activities of your front door. You also get to regulate the people who can gain access to your home.

Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock Breakdown and Review

Level Bolt invisible smart lock is an inconspicuous door lock that can be installed on any type of door. The smart lock is made with a powerful and durable 6 gauge stainless steel gearbox that enhances the security of your premises. The installation process is a DIY and all you need is a screwdriver given that the adjustable backset has been conveniently designed to fit both the 2 3/8” and the 2¾ “profiles.

The design and material used in the construction of the gearbox ensure that the smart lock can effectively resist extreme environmental temperatures. It is also efficient and will ensure that you get up to a year’s service of battery life, from the single CR2 incorporated battery. The design of the smart lock hides the battery from external factors, its aesthetics are pleasing and you can be sure that the smart lock will remain inconspicuous even after installation.

The Level Bolt invisible smart lock can be unlocked from anywhere for as long it is connected to the Ring or Homekit app. You can then share the passcodes with your friends and family, who can then use their phones to gain access to your house.

What we liked

  • Installation is easy
  • Can be used with more than one person
  • It remains inconspicuous after installation
  • Can be operated hands-free

What we didn’t like

  • It is not compatible with every ring device
  • The smart lock works best with IOS devices


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Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock

Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock
Battery type
1 CR2 batteries
Item weight
1.06 pounds
Stainless steel
Item dimensions
3.31 x 1 x 2.25 inches

Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock Features

Smart home compatibility- the level bolt seamlessly integrates with most of the existing doors, it will simply transform your deadbolt into a smart lock and can be operated from anywhere using a smartphone like the other smart home features. To achieve the above homeowners will need a home kit hub or a sidewalk-enabled device.

Once you have the relevant application on your phone, you will get notifications of people who have opened your door in real-time. The notifications are conclusive and will also provide you with the exact time that your door was accessed. The app allows you to create several digital keys and send them to close family members or friends. And in case you are holding an event, the application allows you to create a one-event pass that you can send out to your guest.

Automatic Lock/Unlock- The Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock can automatically lock but you need to first set the idle time so that once you get inside the house, you don’t have to again lock the door. Better yet you could connect it with Amazon Alexa and use voice control to both lock and unlock your smart lock. The voice feature is convenient at night or when you want to access the house in a hurry.

Battery life– the Level Bolt smart lock’s battery can last a whole year, but even if it goes low without your knowledge, you still have a reliable backup, as you can use a plain old key to gain access to your home.

Alternative access- If your smart lock mostly operates with Alexa, you will have to factor in power failure that might restrict you from getting in or out of your home. The above is the reason, the Level Bolt invisible smart lock has been designed to be used with a plain old key.

Who is it best suited for?

Level bolt Invisible Smart Lock is best suited for use by homeowners, as it allows them to create entry passcodes for members of their households and friends. And can be customized from anywhere while intelligently sending conclusive notifications of people who enter the home.

Are there alternatives to the Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Level Bolt Invisible Smart Lock and which are the August Wi-Fi smart lock, the Wyze Lock WiFi smart lock, and the WeHere Smart Lock with fingerprint. Each that offers unique and enhanced security features.

August Wi-Fi, (4th Generation) Smart Lock
WYZE Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled Smart Door Lock
WeHere Smart Lock Digital Door Lock with Fingerprint
Lock Type
Biometric lock
Keypad lock
1.54 pounds
1.85 pounds
2.06 pounds
Wi-Fi smart Lock
Smart Lock
Smart Lock
2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches
2.5 x 2 x 4.9 inches
‎9.02 x 5.12 x 3.58 inches

Verdict: So should you buy the Level Bolt Invisible, Smart Lock?

Yes, you should buy the Level Bolt Invisible Smart lock because it is easy to install, it is aesthetically pleasing, integrates with smart homes, and offers maximum security.


Can I use the level Bolt Smart Lock as an outdoor device?

Yes, you can use it as an outdoor device because it has met the ANSI standards for residential exit doors.

Can I use the smart lock on metal doors?

Yes, you can use the smart lock on metal doors, but first, ensure that the metal door meets ANSI specifications.

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