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Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock is a reliable home security lock, it keeps out uninvited guests, and will give you notifications of the people coming into your home, it can also be locked and unlocked remotely.

If you are in the market for a keyless smart lock then the Hornbill smart lock will suffice and all you need to do is ensure that your door has the right dimensions, the recommended thickness being 1-1/2” to 1-7/8.” The smart lock is a timeless unit and has combined the features of the classic lock so that you don’t become completely stranded if you find it difficult to open the door with the generated passcode.

Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock Breakdown and Review

The Hornbill keyless smart lock is a versatile unit and is not restricted in application. It can therefore be used in residential properties, such as hotels and Air BnB’s where you will generate one-time passcodes for the guests. When used in a home setting, homeowners could generate permanent passcodes for their household members.

The smart lock is rock solid safe and will permanently lock within 5 minutes of entering the wrong passcode, noteworthy is that you only get 5 chances to try out your passcode. The smart lock can integrate with your phone, and through the TT lock application, you can retrieve the unlocking records and operation passcodes in real-time. Individuals who would want to enjoy a hands-free operation will have to pay a premium by investing in the Wi-Fi gateway. This would allow them to voice control their smart locks using Alexa or Google Assistant.

The easy-to-use OLED display is powered by 4AA batteries that can last up to 6 months, and in case the battery status is low, you can easily use a 9V battery to unlock the smart lock.

What we liked

  • Password can be customized for different people
  • The door can also be unlocked through the app
  • The batteries lasts for 6 months
  • The smart lock can be operated hands-free

What we did not like

  • Does not work unless the key is connected
  • Programming the smart lock is a tad bit difficult


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Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock

Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock
Smart lock with keypad lock
3.39 pounds
4AA batteries
9.65 x 8.62 x 4.17 inches
12 months with free lifetime technical assistance

Hornbill Keyless Smart Lock Features

Back up operation

The Hornbill Keyless smart lock is highly reliable when it comes to offering security to your home or business premises. The smart lock can be manipulated in four different ways designed to ensure that you don’t get locked out of your home or business. So if you have a smart home, you could operate the smart lock with Amazon Alexa, there is the Auto-lock feature enabled by the TT lock app which you must first download to your smartphone.

The smart lock also has a keypad, this feature works best if your household has many members who might need access to the house at different times. It also works well if the smart lock is used in hotel or Air BnB doors, because all you have to do is generate a passcode for each guest, the best thing about the latter is that you can create them to offer one-time access.

You can also come up with permanent passcodes for your family members. The smart lock does not malfunction under extreme weather conditions, because of the durable brushed nickel construction.

Locks automatically

Hornbill keyless smart lock is an intelligent unit that can lock automatically after being opened. The user must however set the duration that the lock can be left open before automatically locking itself. The smart lock is also alarm enabled thus you can always be sure of being alerted when the lock is tampered with.

Battery Life

The recommended hornbill keyless smart lock battery lasts six months meaning you will only have to purchase it twice in one year. However, this situation might change if you will be connecting your smart lock to WiFi; the internet as we all know tends to consume a lot of power when integrated with the smart devices.

Also notable is that the Hornbill keyless smart lock does not have a low battery alert feature that means you must invest in a backup 9V battery. The latter can be used to unlock the door when the pre-existing battery is low.

App connectivity and integration

Homeowners can easily manipulate the Hornbill keyless smart lock from their location. The above is enabled by first downloading the TT lock application, once integrated with your smartphone, you will now generate passcodes. You will also be able to view the operation records from the application in real-time.

Who is it best suited for?

Hornbill keyless smart lock helps provide security thus would be put to good use by homeowners or individuals in the hotel industry, they can also offer reliable security in Air BnB’s.

Are there alternatives to the hornbill keyless smart lock?

Yes, there are alternatives and which are the Kwikset traditional smart lock, the Smart Deadbolt keyless entry door, and the Smart lock keyless entry deadbolt door lock.

Kwikset Smartcode 916 Traditional Smart Lock
Smart Deadbolt Keyless Entry Door Lock 5 in 1 Fingerprint
Smart Lock, Keyless Entry Deadbolt Door Lock
User codes
Up to 30 individuals
One time or customized passcodes
100 different fingerprints
Alexa Enabled
Satin Nickel
Stainless steel
4.27 x 3.99 x 9.74 inches
‎9.41 x 7.91 x 4.37 inches
6.3 x 2.56 x 1.77 inches

Verdict: So, should you buy the Hornbill Keyless Smart lock?

Yes, should buy the smart lock because it offers reliable security and you can assign both temporary and permanent passcodes.


Is the Hornbill keyless smart lock waterproof?

Yes, the hornbill keyless smart lock is waterproof thanks to the brushed nickel construction.

How many keys do I get with the Hornbill keyless smart lock?

The Hornbill keyless smart lock comes with 2 keys.

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