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Gone are the days when several music systems were operated with a remote control. Currently, all you need to do is voice out the genre that you desire to be played, and Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant will retrieve the music for you. Ever since the launch of the first smart speaker by Amazon, known as “The Echo Studio,” the technology has been adopted widely by other companies in the industry. We must say the competition is stiff.

Sonos is not a new player in the smart speaker industry, but it is causing some real jitters with the updated Sonos one (gen 2). The company has been around since 2002. It is known for manufacturing competitive multi-room audio equipment. Sonos can therefore be trusted to produce a smart speaker that will outdo some of the major industry players like Amazon.

Sonos one (gen 2) is among the brand’s improved products that offer enhanced sounds compared to Google Home and Amazon Echo. We also cannot fail to recognize the fact that it is an upgrade from Sonos Play: 1, featuring Amazon Alexa and Google’s voice Assistant.

Sonos One (gen 2) Review and Breakdown

Sonos one (gen 2) features a functional design. At the bottom part, you will find a power plug, while the back has incorporated an Ethernet port and a reset button. To exploit its full benefits, Sonos one must be connected to wireless internet (Wi-Fi). Unfortunately, you have to connect it to an outlet for it to work.

Most smart speakers use rechargeable batteries. This is what makes them wireless. Most individuals find such smart speakers easy to move around with. Unfortunately, Sonos one (gen 2) does not offer the benefits of a wireless speaker. If you choose this smart speaker, you should avoid taking it outside since this can compromise its functionality.

Despite this limitation, the unit sports a robust build and comes in colors that can easily complement any house décor. You, therefore, have the option of choosing either the black or white Sonos one smart speaker. Sonos One seeks to remain modern and aesthetically pleasing. You can tell this from the upgraded button controls and its easy-to-use touch controls. Other accessible features of Sonos one Smart speaker are the microphone toggle and the led notifications light.

Initial installation of Sonos one (gen 2) is a breeze since the provider will walk you through the process. To efficiently operate the smart speaker, you will have to download either the Sonos Mobile application or a Sonos controller application for windows or mac. When it comes to playing music, Sonos One is an average performer. Its construction includes one tweeter, about two class D amplifiers, and one mid-woofer.

What we like

  • This speaker sounds great
  • The voice command works perfectly even from a far distance
  • The retail price is fair
  • It allows you to play almost all the music services
  • It easily retains momentum with other speakers

What we did not like

  • Switching between songs is painfully slow
  • Loading the various features of the Sonos app is equally slow
  • The smart speaker constantly losses connection


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Sonos One Specifications

Control method
Power sources
Item weight
Connectivity technology
Speaker type
Corded electric
4.0 lbs
Multiroom wireless speaker

Sonos One (gen 2) features

It can be paired with another Sonos speaker

When it is played as a single unit, Sonos one experiences difficulties in distinguishing sounds. Most users, therefore, find the end product not to be of top quality. If you, however, have two Sonos one (gen 2) speakers, you should pair them for stereo separation. Doing this can enable you to achieve a more detailed sound.

It comes Pre-built with Amazon Alexa

Most home appliances come pre-built with Alexa, including smart TVs. Amazon Alexa voice assistant is meant to help with control and customization. You can, therefore, give Sonos One (gen 2) smart speaker voice commands and even get quick access to trending information. Apart from that, you can also use it to set alarms, answer questions or play music.

The Sonos S2 application allows easy control and access

The downloadable Sonos S2 application will consolidate all your control services, voice, and streaming in one platform. The feature makes it easy for one to listen to music, podcasts, and audiobooks, among others.

Build and design

Sonos One (gen 2) features a tough build. The rugged construction ensures that it gives you a longer service. Sonos One has a simple design and is quite intuitive when it comes to using it. All touch controls have been incorporated at the top part of the smart speaker and are pretty straightforward even for individuals who have never used a Sonos smart speaker.

Who is best suited for?

If you are looking for a decent speaker that will complement your house décor, Sonos one is the device to go for. People of different age groups can enjoy using Sonos smart speaker. You should, however, remember that this should only be used indoors and never outside.

Are there alternatives to the Sonos One (gen 2)?

Yes, there are alternatives to Sonos One, such as Amazon Echo, Audio Pro, and Amazon Basics Portable Outdoor IPX5. The latter has been configured to withstand outdoor elements such as wind and sun’s heat without compromising functionality or structural integrity.

Virtual assistant
Power source
Check Price
Amazon Echo
Yes/ full support
Wall outlet
Audio Pro
Amazon Basics Portable Outdoor IPX5
Bluetooth/ USB

Verdict: So why should you buy the Sonos One

The Sonos offers a decent music service system and can even work in a pair, to offer more distinguished sounds. It has a compact and portable design which makes it suitable for use in any room, and the voice control feature via Alexa is highly responsive, even when voicing commands from afar.


Can I use the Sonos One to make phone calls?

No, the Sonos One cannot make phone calls.

Has the Sonos One incorporated a microphone?

Yes, the Sonos One contains a six microphone array that enables interaction with the virtual assistants.

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