Can a smart plug turn on a TV?

Yes, a smart plug can turn on a TV. This device can make a TV smart. You however have to consider a couple of things before using a smart plug on a TV. For example, your TV must always be on. Apart from this, the maximum energy capacity of your television set should not exceed that of your smart plug. When you rely on the voice control feature, using a smart plug on your TV set makes it easy to control.

To set up your television set with your smart plug, you must first ensure that your TV is turned on. You should also download the smart plug application to your smartphone. Make sure that your smart plug is integrated with Wi-Fi, and most importantly, ensure that the wattage meets the specifications of the smart plug. If you wish to use the Alexa application, you will first have to download it and then enable the smart plugs skill.

How to set up your smart plug with your TV

Smart plugs use the traditional electrical outlet. To make it functional, you will have to plug it in one of the sockets. Open the Alexa application on your phone and move to the select devices option. Click on the plus icon and then choose the add device feature. You will then choose the smart plug device and follow the on-screen instructions for the smart plug.

You should also provide the smart plug with relevant names to unlock its full potential. If you notice a blue led light flashing in the smart plug, it indicates that it is working.

How to set up a routine

When it comes to the functionality of smart plugs, they are quite limited, meaning that we are still waiting for more efficient plugs to be unveiled For example, the smart plug can turn your TV on and off but if you want to increase your TV’s volume, you will have to do it manually. You can, however, set up a routine to allow hands-free control, and below is the simple step-by-step process.

Ensure to have the Alexa application in your smartphone, and then proceed to tap on the icon in the top left corner. Click on the routines option, and then tap on the plus icon. Move to the “when this happens” option, and then go to schedule, and choose the time. The next step would be to choose the repeat function but which is also optional, once you are through, you can select the “Done” feature.

You will then navigate back to the new routine feature, and tap the “add action” option and choose smart home then control device. The next step would be to choose the smart plug that you want to bind to the routine and proceed to move the slider to ON and click next.

Other ways to turn on your TV automatically

Invest in a smart TV

Though smart plugs turn your appliances into smart units, having a smart TV can give you a better experience. When you invest in a smart TV that comes with an Alexa-enabled remote, you don’t have to constantly press on the remote to power it off or on. All you have to do is voice out the commands, and your TV will be turned on and be switched off.

You can even set Smart TVs to automatically turn on and off. This technology has been around for quite some time. Some of the units even turn off when left on standby for too long. Alternatively, smart TVs can be scheduled to turn on and off after estimating the time that everyone should be in bed.

Use Chromecast

Chromecast is designed to attach to the USB port on your TV. If you want to achieve hands-free customization, you will have to plug your Chromecast into a wall receptacle. If you attach it to your TV, it will go off with your TV when it is turned off. Would you like Chromecast to respond to your voice commands? If yes, you can either attach it to a wall outlet or find some other source of power.

The voice commands will go something like “Turn on My TV, or Turn on the TV.” To switch off your TV, you could say, “Turn off my TV,” or “Power off,” whichever suits you best.

Devices that cannot be paired with smart plugs

Using the smart plugs in your home to turn the dumb appliances into smart units will save your time and significantly reduce power consumption. You should, however, avoid using gadgets such as medical equipment with smart plugs since such gadgets are known to draw a lot of power and might blow up at home or in a medical facility.

Refrigerators and heaters are best operated manually. If you check the markets, you will find that most of the smart plugs are not configured to handle appliances that draw a lot of power, such as these appliances. Smart plugs sometimes end up causing fires or blowing up since the units have been designed to work after integration with Wi-Fi. If, for instance your area experiences a power blackout and then the power comes back on, the device will have to restart the integration process with the Wi-Fi network. If you made the mistake of connecting a smart plug to the heater, it might lead to a fire breakout.


Smart plugs are a cool way of slowly transitioning your traditional home to a smart home. Though they can be quite useful, you should remember that they cannot do everything for you. You should therefore keep an open mind in terms of expectations and their functional features. Be sure to use smart plugs on gadgets that do not pose a danger to your home.


Can I use my smart plug as a timer?

Yes, you can use your smart plug as a timer and activate the hands-free functionality, such as turning off or on at specific times.

Can I control my smart plug when I am not at home?

Yes, you can control your smart plug from anywhere using the relevant application.


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