August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) Review

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The current projection of the growth of individual smart homes stands at 21.4%, at least by 2025. By this time, the chances are that the smart locks will be much smaller. Due to the size of smart locks, one can easily underestimate their capability. Though small, smart locks can handle some complex tasks.

Take, for example, the August Wi-Fi smart lock. The device can be easily confused for a doorknob that needs to be turned to open the door. On the contrary, the August Wi-Fi smart lock is the perfect marriage between tradition and modernity because it will give you up to four distinct options when it comes to gaining access to your home.

There are instances where the batteries will need changing, but you still have to gain access to your home. In such a case, you can use the provided key option.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock (4th Generation) Review and Breakdown

Looking back at the initial August Wi-Fi smart lock, you will realize that it has made some major leaps and has uniquely gained the perfect balance between features and price. The initial August lock was complicated with regards to usability because, for one, it heavily relied on the Bluetooth application to work and necessitated the purchase of a dongle.

The new 4th gen August Wi-Fi smart lock has obliterated the lengthy connectivity processes. You can even generate virtual keys and send them to friends and family. The August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation) can be configured to offer a hands-free operation. It automatically opens when the connected device is close by and locks right behind the individual who has just entered the house.

The incorporated application allows the smart lock to be remotely customized. You can open or close the door when you are in your home or out of your home. The unit will store the lock history and send notifications to the integrated device about the lock and unlock events. For example, if your kids open the door when home from school, you will get a notification that your kids are home from school.

The smart lock is pretty easy to install and easy to operate. You only need to download the relevant applications to enjoy using it. The design of the smart lock is also pretty unique and can easily be confused with the doorknob. Among its best features is the automatic lock and unlock function that makes it easy to access the house during an emergency.

What we liked

  • It has a manual lock mechanism that can be used as a backup
  • Can integrate with your smartphone
  • The smart lock unlock code can be shared with many people
  • The smart lock features a sturdy build
  • Hardware installation is easy

What we did not like

  • The smart lock only works with a few deadbolts
  • Switching between blue tooth and Wi-Fi is difficult
  • The auto-unlock only works when you have opened the relevant application


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August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation) specifications

Item Weight
Power source
Item dimensions
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1.54 pounds
Batteries (Batteries included)
2.8 x 2.8 x 2.75 inches
Bluetooth/ Wi-Fi
Powder Coated

August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation) features

Uses the traditional key system

Remember that the August Wi-Fi smart lock will be connected to the deadbolt during installation. This type of installation allows you to continually use your original door key.

The smart lock app can cancel access

With the 4th gen August Wi-Fi smart lock, you are liberty of sending the unlock codes to your friends and family among other people that you entrust your house with. The application also allows you to cancel access when you want, if you no longer want certain individuals to gain access to your home, you can restrict them through the code that you had given out.

August smart lock can be controlled by voice

The smart lock has been designed to work with all the three voice assistants whether it is the Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. You can, therefore, voice out commands to check if the door is locked before you go to bed, you can also unlock or lock your door just by voicing out the right keywords.

Requires a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network

With the August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation)you will not need an additional bridge to connect to Wi-Fi. However, full remote access can only be guaranteed if you have an existing Wi-Fi connection. Integrating Wi-Fi with your smart lock will allow you to voice commands, and you will also be able to customize the lock whether you are in or out of the house. In essence, is that Wi-Fi is the primary software needed for your August Wi-Fi smart lock to function efficiently.

Can be used on any door in your home

Whether you want to upgrade your bedroom door, your back, or sitting room, the August Wi-Fi smart lock suffices for all the categories of doors but you must ensure that it is a deadbolt type of lock.

Who is it best suited for?

The August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation) is best suited for Individuals with deadbolt doors.

Are there alternatives to the August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation)?

Yes, there are alternative smart locks that you can use and some of the best competitors with the best features are the Wyze lock Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled, the Yale Assure lock SL, and the Ultraloq-u bolt pro smart lock.

Power source
Battery life
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WYZE Lock WiFi & Bluetooth Enabled
4 X AA batteries
1.57 pounds
Android 5.0+ & IOS 9.0+
5-6 months
Yale Assure Lock SL, Wi-Fi Smart Lock
3 Pounds
Satin Nickel
I Year
ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Smart Lock
4AA batteries
3.08 pounds
Black with satin nickel
1 Year

Verdict: so should you buy the August Wi-Fi smart lock (4th Generation)

Yes, you should buy the August Wi-Fi smart lock because for one it retails at a budget-friendly price, installation is a breeze, and does not attract attention from the outside.


Does the August smart lock (4th Generation) give notifications for low battery?

Yes, the smart lock gives notifications for low battery warnings for multiple weeks before it completely loses power.

How do I disable the August smart lock(4th Generation)?

In the August app, go to the lock option in the key chain. Navigate to the guest list select the contact that you want to remove and then select the option REMOVE SELF.

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