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Even though Arlo Ultra has a very rocky past, it has managed to become the ultimate security camera that many people depend on today. During its first release, Arlo Ultra was rejected by many clients because of software flaws. Most of the camera’s functionality features came out as substandard, and it was just not worth the hefty price. The manufacturer recalled the product and polished it up to the current functional and reliable Arlo ultra.

Smart cameras have come a long way, but with every new release comes an innovative feature. Arlo Ultra has surpassed many industry players in terms of functionality and reliability. It is one of the smart cameras that will record audio from a far distance and allow you to communicate with the other person on the other side of the camera.

Installation is easy because it is wireless and comes equipped with rechargeable batteries. Though you can install it close to the roof, getting it down for charging might seem like a difficult task. You no longer have to worry since the smart camera has incorporated a catchy feature that only releases the camera partly. This makes it easy for you to pull it out.

Arlo Ultra Review and Breakdown

Out of the box, Arlo ultra comes with a smart base. At the back of the smart base, you will find two connections, a LAN port, a power port, and a reset feature. Underneath the smart base, it has incorporated a slot for the micro SD card and can accommodate up to 250 gigabytes.

Looking at the design of the Ultra Arlo, we must say that it is aesthetically pleasing. At the front part, you will find a spotlight, and the lens is big enough to accommodate the 4K sensor built inside. You also get to utilize the two sensitive microphones at the front part of the smart camera. This is useful when you want to engage in a two-way conversation.

Underneath the camera is a strong magnetic port for charging that has been designed to hold on to the camera without falling off and damaging it. Since Arlo Ultra is a wireless device, installing it is easy. To use the smart camera, you will first install the application and create an account. Once logged in, proceed to the add device feature and follow through with the remaining prompts.

Once you integrate it with your smartphone, the application should be straightforward. For instance, when you click play, you will be provided with the live feed of all the cameras that you have installed in your house. Ensure you tweak the various features such as the microphone to enable conversation and listen to the other side through the live view.

Since live video recordings are customizable, you can auto-zoom, track, and even rotate the image to get a better look. You can also customize the power management feature and tweak the low light settings feature. The low-light feature allows you to customize the spotlight. If you use the smart camera at night, you will notice that the spotlight is very bright. You can still turn it off and enjoy clear images of either your back or front yard.

The application on your smartphone has a library tab, and by clicking this option, you will find all the clips that have been recorded. The application also has a feature known as modes, which consolidates all the devices such as the smart hubs, the doorbell, and the sport light bridge. This feature allows you to customize each of the devices in your system and even set up a schedule when the camera will be turned on or off.

What we liked

  • Has the easiest setup process
  • The smart camera is 4K capable
  • Good for home security whether used indoors or outdoors
  • Provides clear pictures
  • Allows conversation with the person on the other side of the camera

What we didn’t like

  • It uses a lot of bandwidth
  • It is not backward-compatible with the existing base stations
  • The camera losses connection and goes off sometimes


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Arlo Ultra Specifications

Video resolution
Connectivity technology
Sensor size
Image sensor
Lens field of view
Max video resolution
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8 megapixels
180 ̊diagonal
3840 X 2160

Arlo Ultra features

Offers both Audio and Video features

The audio and video features of the Arlo Ultra are impeccable. If a person is standing outside up to 15 meters away, you will be able to hear what they are saying. The video quality during the day is super clear. The same goes for the visuals when the camera is turned either off or on at night. When using the camera at night, you have the option of using the color night vision. This can provide you with the exact color of the surrounding environment and everyone in it.

If you, however, opt to use the infrared feature instead of the spotlight, the images are not going to be so distinguished, but you can make out what is happening outside. The spotlight, we must say, is very bright and might not be too good for night security. Infrared, however, makes it highly reliable.

Offers a 180 ̊ viewing angle

The 180 ̊ viewing angle offers a good viewership on both sides of the street. The coverage is also impressive. This camera can help you see people who are coming from the farthest end and even when they disappear to the opposite end. It delivers true colored images.

Equipped with an Auto-zoom and tracking feature

The auto-zoom and tracking feature works well, but it is not as clear as the recorded videos. Once you start zooming and tracking, you will get a pop-up notification informing you that you will not be recording in 4k. Instead, you will now be streaming in 1080p. This option is still great because the camera can maintain the same quality when zooming into different places.

The Arlo Ultra comes with two subscription plans

The premier plan offers up to 2K quality and will provide you with a 30-day video history. Under the Premier plan, you can either pay $2.99/month and get a single camera or pay $9.99/mo and get up to 5 screens.

The second plan is the elite plan that offers 4K quality and 30-day video history. The Elite plan has two different prices. If you pay $4.99/month, you will only get a single camera. If you, however, pay $14.99/month, you can enjoy up to 5 screens. Both packages come with a reliable notification feature that can provide you with alerts when people, animals, or vehicles are detected.

Offers the user intelligent alerts

The intelligent alerts are among the features that make the Arlo Ultra highly reliable. Once the alert has been sent to your smart device, you can long-press it to access other options such as mute, turn on the alarm, call a friend or hit the e911. The latter works for individuals who live in the United States.

The No subscription plan

The no subscription plan only allows you access to the base station’s local storage. The Micro-SD slot has been incorporated underneath the Arlo Ultra camera so that you can use it as storage.

Who is it best suited for?

The Arlo Ultra is a good security camera to be used at company gates or in private homes. The 4K resolution will greatly help with identification in case of attacks, among other security issues. Additionally, the 180 ̊ coverage provides more detail of what transpired on specific days or events. Arlo Ultra is good for use in areas that might need evidence to prove what happened in case of burglary.

Are there alternatives to the Arlo Ultra?

Yes, there are alternatives to the Arlo Ultra that you can sample, such as the Reolink 5MP PoE camera, Blink Indoor Wireless security camera, and POE camera.

Video quality
SD card
Waterproof level
Frame rate
Check price
POE Camera, SV3C 5 Megapixels Poe IP Camera
5 Megapixels
No SD card
No mic
Up to 25 fps
Blink Indoor – wireless, HD security camera
Up to 30 fps
Reolink 5MP PoE Camera Outdoor/Indoor IP
5Mp HD
Waterproof lid
Yes( sound range up to 15ft

Verdict: So why should you buy the Arlo Ultra smart camera?

The Arlo Ultra is currently the only smart camera in the market that offers 4K video quality. The unit is pretty easy to install given that it is wireless. The view offered is huge and you can easily collect information from far by just looking at the camera. And even better is that with all the new innovative features, it retails at a cheaper price.


How long will my Arlo Ultra battery last?

Your Arlo Ultra battery will last up to 6 months

Must I pay Arlo Ultra’s monthly fee?

No, you can use the Arlo ultra-camera and use the no subscription plan.

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